I screwed up. Is she bluffing? Or is it over?

So I already hooked up with this girl. Her initial interest was super high. She hmu first with tons of nudes and wanting to be friends with benefits, I didn’t even have to do anything. But recently she’s been curving and ghosting me, yet still sending me Snapchat’s. I told her we should stop with the snapchats if she’s no longer interested. She said “ok” and a few hours later “when am I supposed to stop again?” I ignored that.

5 days later she snapped me again, a pointless video as usual

I said “I see you like breakin rules, huh”
she said “😂😂😂😂 that video was too funny. I had to”
I said “riiight. I bet that’s what it was” she ignored that.

A week after that, she posted a thirst trap selfie on her story, I didn’t view it, and very shortly after the 24 hours expired, she unfriended me (but her burner account is still friends with me) It’s like she was looking to see if I viewed it, and when she noticed I didn’t, she got emotional and decided to unfriend me. Do you think she’ll be back? (Considering we’ve known each other for 8 years and even grew up together in our late teens)

I screwed up by telling her that we should stop Snapchatting instead of just ghosting her. I only said this because I could feel her pulling away. I still like her and think it’d be cool to get her back. We had some good times together. I want my tongue up her ass again. I want to play naked basketball in my living room with her again.
I screwed up. Is she bluffing? Or is it over?
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