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What Is Something You Gave Up On?

Im done being happy, fake smiling, im done wondering what tomorrow may bring. I used to be a dreamer but I can't dream anymore. I wanted a life, career, a family. I have no aspirations I've given up on dating and finding someone looking in all places up and down just to go back to a cold bed at night. Every guy I've been with hurt my feelings, lied to me, every single one of them broke off a piece of me and took it. I swear i only have a few pieces left. How can i give to a lover when no one gives to me? How can i fix him when i can't fix myself. I stand in the mirror making sure every little part of my face is covered in makeup. Lying to myself about how beautiful I am when no one else sees it. I hurt and im hurt
What Is Something You Gave Up On?
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