How's this for a wonderful guy and amazing first kiss?

I met this great guy in my workplace about one month ago. Little by little we started to develop feelings for each other and I knew he liked me and I liked him. We talk everyday on FB!

Last night after work he said he had something to give me. He handed me an envelope and told me happy birthday. On the front of the card it said smile - it was so beautiful. Inside it there was a poem he had written. He stood there and read it to me and it felt unbelievable. I told him to come here and I wrapped my arms around him for what felt like one hour and then we looked at each other and I said "Can I give you a kiss?" and he smiled and said "Yes, you can kiss me."

Then we walked side by side with our arms around each other to the bus stop and I couldn't stop smiling all the way home. On the way home I got a text saying 'Stop smiling!' haha! He said that I'd really brightened up his life and I started to cry.

It was the nicest thing anyone has ever done for me. I wish he was here hugging me! Are we boyfriend and girlfriend now? How does it work lol!?

Thanks guys!


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  • Are you two together now?