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This is the most confused over a girl I have ever been. Whats going on here?

I'm probably the "nice guy" type but I wouldn't say I'm pushy or a yes man. Im just generally courteous to most people.
I met this girl at work (I know) however; she's a new trainee and days before she came on our team I put in my two weeks.
Our initial interactions were pretty awkward. I felt like she knew I was physically attracted to her, but I took it with grace and focused on work as thats what I should be doing. This being my last day on the schedule with her I knew I had to try something.
But she broke the ice! She rather awkwardly asked for my age as I was filling up my coffee. I've learned im significantly younger, she's 27, I'm 20.
She compliments me on my maturity.
After this, we both loosen up and the questions start flying. What do you like to eat? What kind of music do you like? What are you doing after this job? And we had some pretty great conversations. After another lull in the day, this is definitely where I chickened out but I still feel like it worked? I approached her and asked her about her hair, its dyed nicely and she told me she did it herself. We had another conversation about she went to school for cosmetology, and I mentioned that I used to color my hair but I never found a color I liked. She then offered to go out and look at coloring options with me, and said she would help me dye my hair. This next parts really confusing. Initially she goes "Here ill give you my number" I definitely heard that but then she did some word fumbling and it turned into "Okay, what's your number?" I gave it to her and she texted me with her first name right away. This is where I'm at, thinking about touching base and scheduling an actual day for the hair thing since she seems somewhat interested, but this also seems like it could easily turn into the friend zone with the direction its going and I dont necessarily want that to happen. I also don't know for sure but she probably has a lot more dating experience than I do, which is why I'm here asking. Thanks.
This is the most confused over a girl I have ever been. Whats going on here?
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