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I’m tired of people doing this?

I have a boyfriend and we’re interracial. Im African American and he’s Mexican. I see interracial couples all the time and no one really seems to have a problem with it. Everywhere we go people stare at us!! It gets really obvious because he’ll point it out a lot. It couldn’t be because were interracial because it’s 2021 and everyone dates like that. We went to the boardwalk and people were doing it and when we sat on a bench this couple walked by and they turned their heads back to see us again. We were walking behind this little girl and she was staring at me and made kind of a weird face. I know I’m pretty I’ve gotten compliments before and little kids have smiled at me and waved. We also went to this restaurant and there was a bar there and these group of men were at the bar and staring. Also we go certain places and I see guys staring at me and stuff when I’m with him. We don’t do pda or anything and we’ll hold hands occasionally. For all these people know, we could be related. Also it’s annoying when people say “they’re not really staring” when I look the people in their eyes sometimes and they’re staring dead at me or him. Why tf do people stare at us? it’s making me uncomfortable and feel really bad
I’m tired of people doing this?
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