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Should I keep talking to him? Am I being dumb?

This guy and I have been talking for almost 2 months, but we still haven’t made it official. We have confessed our feelings for each other however, both of us struggle with commitment issues and right now I don’t mind being unofficial because I’m scared of being in a relationship. We haven’t slept with each other yet and we’ve been going out a lot together. We talk almost everyday and call on the phone frequently. He’ll even come visit me randomly because he said he misses me. I want to sleep with him, but I’m scared he’ll start acting differently. We have had the “talk” and he told me he does see himself dating me, but that there are still times he feels I give him mixed signals. I do it unintentionally though because whenever I start getting close to someone I close off. Also I would like to add that I have not been staying completely loyal to him because we aren’t official. I just don't want to look dumb. Should I give it more time?
Should I keep talking to him? Am I being dumb?
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