What dating websites do you use??

I'm already part of OkCupid & Plenty of Fish... am I missing any?

(please don't recommend e-Harmony or Match, they just our to steal your money)


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  • I've never herd anything good about these sites. Sure you get lucky sometimes, but you could do the same picking random names out of a phone book...


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  • Those are the only free ones I know of. Craigslist you can try too... if you're ballsy. I had a hookup and a normal dinner date off of there. Lots of crazy bitches too. If you're persistent you will get a few dates on any of these sites.


  • Nah you aren't. I would stay away from those sites anyways. Even women who are 3/10 will reject a decent guy that is 8/10 and makes 6 figures. too much ego boosting

    • True. Girls don't let online dating work for guys. I chose girls I thought were at least OK and still didn't get response.

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    • I'm pretty sure in person is a lot more forgiving. Just need some guts to try.

    • I like this conversation! This is good stuff to know.

  • I've tried POF and OkCupid. I give up on online dating. I'm just gonna hope for real life. I've heard the pay sites are pretty bad.