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Why am I never good enough?

kind of a known fact, if guys could get the hot ladies on dating apps they wouldn't even talk to me. 😂
There's so much more prettier ladies out there. Why would anyone want me? that's right, they don't.
Why choose me if you can have someone fit and pretty? why do I even try anymore?

why can't I be beautiful to someone? they only tell me cause I'm the only one talking to them. This is why I don't like men. We can all agree Madison Beer is pretty right? exactly. stop trying to tell me beauty is in the eye of the beholder but if we were in a room guys would be all over her. lol, it happens all the time with me and my sister and friends. I honestly give up. It never works out for me. Guys are too worried about getting a trophy girlfriend. Too busy liking photos online of women, and it's weird. You realize I see through the BS? So many women stay with men who are just horrible. Oh wait they all are perverted and sexual. they stare and gawk at every attractive women they see, and you know maybe its best I don't date. Because I would fucking flip if I ended up dating someone like this.

Its really irritating.

its kinda funny when guys get upset cause they know it's TRUE and amusing
men suck.

I've tried bumble, but you know I give up.

why am I not good enough now?
Why am I never good enough?
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