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Did I go too far to recover?

I am smitten with this woman. Eight years ago, she was the one that got away and only recently, we re-connected online. She provided me her cell phone number and we have exchanged text messages during which she had sent me some kiss emojis - which I took to be very good signs.

She now has a little girl - sadly not mine - so I know her priorities will always be there, not with me. When we re-connected, it was near Valentine's Day so I sent her roses and a letter in which I told her my intentions to build a long-lasting relationship and my hopes of earning her 'trust and her heart'.

I don't think that scared her off because we planned a second date which, due to her work schedule, fell through. So, in an attempt to be romantic and a keep the momentum, I made her a three-course meal (l like to cook) and left in on her porch with a note in which I told her, as a single parent myself, I realize how exhausting it is to do everything yourself and I hopped by having dinner already done, she had extra time to spend with her daughter. I added the joke that with that extra time, she could soak in a bubble bath and asked for pics... She had sent me racy pictures in the past so I didn't think this was too much.

She sent me a text, thanking me for the food but said it "was a lot really fast". Is that girl-talk for I am done? Did I manage to screw this up beyond all hope?
Did I go too far to recover?
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