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What is, in your opinion, the state of dating today?

Depending on who you ask the state of datings questionable. If you ask a happily married man they will say it’s worth it. If you ask the popular males they will say their happy and they get all the tail they want. The guys that aren’t successful for whatever reason will tell you it sucks.

The problem is the non married successful men are not a good thing. They are single because they get prime choice on women and they don’t have to settle. The married men are a minority and the unsuccessful men are by far a majority. According to multiple studies in the 90s this was 80% of men. Some studies suggest this is closer to 90% today.

Ide be interested in hearing what you thought about this and getting a response from women regarding how women feel about it using the same 3 categories happily married, successfully dating, and unsuccessful dating.

Let’s keep it civilized people... I don’t want a bunch of Bulldogs in here.
What is, in your opinion, the state of dating today?
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