Does texting all the time bother a guy?

Me and this guy just met like...3 or 4 days ago? We text each other but it always takes him FOREVER to respond and when I say that I'll just let him do whatever he's doing he goes "No, don't stop texting me." And he never really texts me unless I text him first. So I guess my question is, am I bothering him? Should I just wait for him to text me and leave all the communication up to him?

Also, we never talk on the phone unless I call him. I'm just trying to get to know him better, not be a pest. He's an older guy(in his 20's) and I'm a teen(17).


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  • textiing alway makes things weired at times cause I had girl tell me I should text her more but before she told me I thought if I did I would have been bothering her.


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  • 1 don't text him till he text you try it for a day.

    2. call him, everyone on this site just text back and forth. call him ask to hang out. talking over the phone is way better then txting 24/7

    • I've been wanting to call him but I was afraid it would be bothering him if I did.

    • dont call let him call you if he doesn't it will show that he doesn't care

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  • Maybe he just wants someone to work for his attention?

    He doesn't want you to think he's interested cause maybe he isn't completely sure if he likes you yet. And since there's a little possibility that he does, he wants you to keep talking to him. I'm sure if you made him wait a long time he'd start starting conversations :)

    I know this cause this is like my situation, but the roles are switched...haha

  • Sometimes. But don't get mad if he doesn't text back. Just wait for him to on his own time. Since he is older, he is probably trying to give you some space.