Why would my boyfriend take 9months without telling me and keeping a secret?

so me and my boyfriend been dating for 9 months now and we going for year now and well he told me that he kept something away from me me and him went through a lot together and he met my parents it was my first serious relationship for both and he told me one day we was hanging out my house that we just started talking about our feelings and i told him how im so happy to have him gave hug look him in the eyes of tears that i found someone like him in my life and out nowhere he tells me says the right things and tells me he need tell me something serious i thought he was jocking around but i was like yea? he was like when i was with my ex i left her cause i thought she was pregnant with my kid and even doe he lost he's virginity to her and i did to him it hurt because i went through same she did and he said he did not love her at all he was just messing around and was gettin pressured that time by friends and it hurt me cause all this time couldnt tell me and he made me feel as if at times he would not pay attention or like taking me for granted he would compare me to her i would not feel loved he told just cause that and he did not know yet how real love was and how to not be stuck he's old ways i got totally sad and started overthinkin i need advice anyone out there time to read this would be great i dont know to do he said she is not pregnant was a year before we got together but same time u never know he said that all he got to tell me he also said he does not love himself i dont know he meant but i thought he wouldn't bring he's past cause he never speaks on he's ex girfriends names only that one ex and he akways bring up her name i dont know i just am confused he say he loves me and want to marry me we young but i really love this boy i go to hell and back for him we made wrong decisions cause we young n dumb but after all i care about him just i dont know how to feel you know.
Why would my boyfriend take 9months without telling me and keeping a secret?
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