Why don't guys like me enough to date me? I feel so lonely.

everyone I know has been out with at least one boy so why havnt I ? :(


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  • Are you waiting for someone to ask you or have you asked some boys out? Is there one boy in particular you are interested in? I recommend starting off by going out somewhere with a group so you and the boy you want to ask out can get to know one another better without the pressure of a one on one date. If you find you like him ask him out don't wait for him to ask you. Guys get just as nervous as girls when it comes to dating. Keep it casual and low key and you will be less likely to feel nervous too.

    • ok. but I'm not waiting for him to ask me out but I'm also too embarrassed to ask him. what do I say ?x

  • Dont be so hard on yourself. You're still young. I know you might wonder and maybe even get sad, but once you leave school its a whole different ball game! Boys at school like the stereo-tipe girls that they see on tv... when they mature, they realize that there are so much more to girls than boobs, legs etc.

    Everybody matures and gets "seen" at different ages. Yours will come...the best is usualy kept for last!

    • thank you for your help x

    • Totally agree.

      You're still young and for sure you'll find someone.

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