He won't ask me out, advice?

I met this guy 3 years ago and we've liked each other ever since. he's even admitted it to me a week ago. He knows I like him and he hang out we have even kissed once but he will not ask me to be his girl friend. He drives me crazy just to think about him! I love his personality and he's cute! Every song I hear reminds me of a time we've shared and it makes me want him even more! I go to bead thinking about him, I have dreams about him, and I wake up thinking about him! I don't know what to do about him or with myself! Please Help any advise!?


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  • Awww I love having those moments! I'd spend more time with him and go to romantic places. Go to the beach or out to dinner. Even hanging out at each others' places and cuddling up to a good movie is fun too.

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