Why do I constantly get undervalued by men? Why don’t I meet consistent men?

Thing always start of great and lead nowhere with no explanation. Usually It goes like this: They meet me, they are enamored with me and I reciprocate, they act as if they really like me, as we get to know each other the texts become less frequent and they don’t ask to hang out. The more time passes without them asking to hang out I lose interest. Then they vanish, I see on social media that they are in a “happy relationship” and then after a few months they come back asking to do things like hang out or wanting to text. Then, it goes one of two ways. I could either be courteous and agree to be close again -and then they end up ghosting again. OR I get tired of the predicament and just don’t want to be anything with them and they start to act as if they always liked or cared for me way more than I recall them ever doing. It doesn’t impact my disinterest and they just text me at random times trying to get my attention. I know what people may say about my predicament. The obvious elephant in the room is that I must be doing something to egg on this behavior. But I’m a simple girl. I have an average life-a job, apartment, a handful of friends who all respect me, I go out sometimes but never identify as a party girl, I can be very considerate and kind and do nice things for everybody regardless of gender because I enjoy being friendly, I’m not problematic at all in my opinion. I have never been insulted on my personality and honestly I believe that I am a well balanced individual. The people around me always seem to mutually agree that I’m a good person overall- including EVERY man who has ever disrespected me. I get complimented on my personality as well as my looks and sense of responsibility and maturity often. I honestly feel the vibe that I am well liked but never considered. It’s like guys just don’t care about my feelings. I don’t even expect men to be consistent anymore. I expect the above mentioned sequence of events because it’s all that ever happens
Why do I constantly get undervalued by men? Why don’t I meet consistent men?
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