Dating this guy for some time, What are we?

I met a guy online in the middle of January 2011. We proceeded to talk through email for about a month or so. Both of us really seemed to enjoy chatting, so we exchanged phone numbers. Fast forward to the end of March, and we've been texting everyday since the exchange. We decide to meet up, and it's seriously the best first date I'd ever been on. We both felt this way. We've been out about six or seven times since then, never losing contact. I'd say it's clear that we're dating...but I don't know how to classify us. I've never done the whole "adult dating" thing...I'm 20 and he's 22. I don't know when to tell we're exclusive...unless that needs to be talked about between us. I'm enjoying how it's going so far...and I don't want to rock the boat by asking what we are. There's really no need to establish an official relationship...I guess. It would be nice, though.

Anyway, what does it seem like? I just don't know what to think next.


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  • I'm in a very similar situation as you... Although we haven't known each other for quite as long. I want to know what we are as well. I think you should approach the topic and see where both of you stand. You have known each other since January (this is a long time) and you should see what he is at least looking for out of the relationship. I plan on doing the same very shortly.

    • that's a good idea. from a guy's point of view, would it make you feel a little weird if a girl approached the subject?

    • I wouldn't feel weird. I have been nervous myself to approach the subject so I would be relieved to not be the only one feeling it.

    • that's good to hear! I just might do that soon, then. good luck with your girl! :)

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  • i agree with him. I would say talking/close to dating.

    have you kissed or any contact

    • we've kissed quite a bit, actually. we're definitely dating...but I've never been in this kind of situation before. I'll probably just discuss it with him next time we're together.

    • oh mis read it.

      that sounds like a good idea

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