How can I upgrade my Dating app profile?

I have tried everything I can think of. I've been trying to find a date for several years now.
I'm not picky, I swipe yes to nearly every profile I come across. What do I need to do to get some/any matches?

Things I've already tried:

Platform: I'm on multiple apps, tinder, bumble, match, pof, okcupid, badoo, the platform doesn't seem to matter,
I have adjusted my bios often, topics I have included are, jokes, qualities I'm looking for, interest, random opinions, no subject matter seems to improve anything.

Photos: I have had multiple photos taken by me and others. I have photos of me at work, in a bar, having fun, on the beach, with filters, with food, with friends, doing hobbies, doing poses, dressed up fancy. None of the myriad of photos affects anything.

Of course I have tried to meet people in person. I've tried several singles events, meetup. com, speed dating, bowling leagues, taking college classes, the gym. With nothing to show, I know of zero women in my age, +/-5yrs, group (I wish I was lying) the only women around me are co-workers old enough to be my parents.

Please help, I'm stuck.
How can I upgrade my Dating app profile?
How can I upgrade my Dating app profile?
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