I made out with him while I was drunk...what should I do?

It was with a guy in my class, and we were out with maybe like a dozen people. My friends said I started hitting on him first, and we ended up making out the entire time, pretty much ignoring everyone else.

I know he's coming out of a relationship, and I really like him, and I think maybe I'm going to end up being his rebound or something but I just really don't know what to do. I think he actually did the same thing with one of my friends last weekend, and he's sort of got a reputation but I was wondering if maybe I had a shot?


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  • If he does that with other girls, then you will only fit in his f**k buddy list, cos he already has you by the tail.

    In conclusion, yes you will get a shot with a one night stand. He did that to you to keep you interested long enough until he f**ks his list (no offense)


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  • How well do you know him? And another thing is a shot at what?... Boosting his reputation lol


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  • Chances are it didn't mean much to him :/ But you never know. Keep contact with him and just see what happens.