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Should I be mad at my boyfriend for this?

My boyfriend just made it official with me a few weeks back. We had been talking for a month before that and getting to know each other and we met at work. I am in college and had to go back up there and we texted all the time I was gone. He made me feel like the only girl in the world and basically always told me how much he liked me even before we became exclusive. He told me he couldn’t wait to make me his girlfriend and asked to FaceTime a lot and we sent each other pics a lot. Tonightt we were talking about jealousy and how he wouldn’t like if a guy tried to hit on me in front of him. He eventually told me a month ago he told this girl he had a girlfriend because he liked me so much. I asked who the girl was because I’m curious and I’m a nosy person lol. He said it was a girl he was talking to but he wasn’t feeling her and told her about me. I’m a little upset. He did tell me last month that he stopped talking to girls and one girl asked why he stopped texting her but I still feel uncomfortable about this. He didn’t really tell me he was talking to someone else and even though he told me the situation maybe it wasn’t that serious but it still makes me feel uneasy. I just don’t want to get hurt in the future even though I trust my boyfriend and we’ve been out on dates since then and he asked me officially to be his girlfriend. What should I do? Should I be mad?
Should I be mad at my boyfriend for this?
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