She keeps flaking out on me, yet gets annoyed and jealous if I hang out with other girls.

Hi I have a dilemma that I need help with:-

I met this girl online a couple of months ago (3-4months), and I found out that we go to the same uni but live in different parts of the city. We decided to exchange numbers and started to text and call each other a lot. She started to show a lot of interest by flirting with me, calling me babe and checking up on me from time to time. As we got to know each other more she started to express the fact that she wanted me and was hoping we'd hopefully be more than friends.

Though I genuinely like this girl a lot, we've never been able to meet up successfully. In fact whenever we arrange to meet up she's usually got something already planned and booked in. Such as babysitting, meeting family, going out with friends...etc. Even when we successfully arrange something she will inevitably flake out. Whether due to sickness, overslept, whatever. Though she flakes, she does apologize but never initiates an alternative.

Having spoke to her casually about it, she mentioned that she had met a couple of people online before and her experiences with them were very bad, and the fact that she's very shy might add to the fact.

What I have trouble understanding is why she keeps flaking out on me yet gets annoyed and jealous if I hang out with other girls. Doesn't make sense. How should I deal with the situation? Your insights would be much appreciated.


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  • Meeting people online is so shady. I did it once and I have already decided it will never happen again. Far too awkward. Maybe she feels the same way.

    Also, you said she is shy, maybe she just meets random guys online with no intention of ever meeting them in real life. You know how it feels good to have a new love interest? Well, it probably feels good to her, too...but she is too shy to actually talk to these people in person. I know, it is messed up and actually really sad, but people do that.


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  • Blow her off, you haven't met her in real life, what she thinks about what you do is of no consequence.

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