Was it just some random little fling?

So me and friends throw a homecoming, you know its a typical summer party with drunken shenanigans.Later on in the night we get the music playing and people start dancing hard (grinding,freaking,sex on the dance floor lol...). now I'm not much of dancer so I spent a lot of that time drinking and enjoying the dancing madness going on, until one of my friends basically drags me on to the dance floor, and grinds the sh*t out of me. this alone I would have blamed on the party atmosphere, but this came after a shower of compliments earlier in the night from her (I know that sounds really cocky :/) also every time I would try to end the conversation between us she would pull me back and wrap her arms around me. too make matters worse halfway through she then ask me not tell her boyfriend whom I am an acquaintance of, and then she proceeded to f*ck me on the dance floor( metaphorically obviously), steal kisses, and give my hands free roam across her amazing body. afterward she gave me her number and told me to text her, but I have refused to do so. Now I'm just curious as to what was the meaning of all these things. I'm personally willing to just write it off as crazy party hormones or just some random hookup, but she definitely wasn't close to being as drunk as me. so long story short, do you guys think that was just some party fling or more?

thanks for reading ^__^


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  • I would say, "If you're willing to do this to your current Boyfriend then you'll do it to me." But you should probably just keep ignoring her like your gut says. She's trouble. It was probably a combination of hormones and being kind of a slutty girl.

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