Is dating a psychologist a good idea?

I have no extreme underlying issues, though I hate hypocrisy like no tomorrow. Sometimes it goes a little extreme but not often. For example, I once hit a guy and knocked him out because he said he would help me move, but he never showed up to my apartment and never called to say why.

Aside from this visceral hatred of hypocrisy, and a few flair ups because of it once in a great, great while, I consider myself fairly emotionally healthy. I'm concerned about dating her because she may think I'm a nutcase. I've never been violent to a women, and no other woman I have been with thought I was crazy. Some actually liked this side of me. But then again, they weren't psychologists.


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  • Dealing with nutters is her job, she may like you for your irratic ways :)


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  • I wouldn't say its a bad thing :D It must be an interesting job so the person must be pretty interesting ^_^

  • I would probably be self-conscious about that I say, my gestures, etc. While she may not let her analytical side out on the first few dates, it will eventually affect your relationship.

  • Well, just because the woman you're dating is a psychologist doesn't means she's going to be scrutinizing you and psychoanalyzing you every second of everyday. The truth of the matter is, that when most women fall in love, all logic goes out the window. When you truly care for someone, their flaws don't really matter and they don't detract from your affection, respect and adoration of your partner. Of course, if you are a legit crazy asshole then she'll pick right up on that.

    And her being a psychologist may even help your relationship down the road, if things get serious. She'll be excellent at communicating and not losing her cool. I wouldn't stop seeing someone because they had a profession that could get awkward at times.


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  • If you're so hurt by some dude who didn't show up to help you move then you have the emotional control of a 4-year old.

    Mature, grow up, and find some composure.

    The world doesn't owe you honesty and sincerity.

    Nobody "owes" you respect.

    You have to earn it like everyone else. And punching people because they don't do what they say isn't how you "earn" anything.

    Don't date her, she'll have no trouble seeing that you're not emotionally healthy.

    ~ Robby

    • Couldn't have worded it better myself. Kudos.

    • I was limited in character length to explain why. When I confronted him, he said exactly what you said, "I don't owe you anything? What's the big deal?" I told him you don't give people your word then nix on them. He responded more or less, "I only said I would because my girlfriend was there." I said, "What would your girl friend think if she knew?" He poked me in the chest and said, "She won't." I don't like to be touched like that, so I slugged him. Unfortunately he had a glass jaw.