Why can't he just talk to me? What's with this guy?

So there is this guy, I've had a problem with ever since 8th grade. We're about to be seniors in high school, and I don't feel like having this problem follow me there. Basically what happened, was he liked me in 8th grade, so he got his friend to give me his number. he thought I didn't call, but I did! I was too shy to say anything or ask for his number again, to make sure I didn't write it down wrong (I am clumsy), so I left it alone and never talked to him. Then in high school, I didn't have any classes with him and I tried to make up for it by having my friend give him a note with my # on it, saying to call or text me, but he gave the note back. He told his guy friends and I think they laughed at me, but I don't care. He ignored me. I moved on.

Everything was fine, until like a year later, the last 2 months of 11th grade, he started paying attention to me. He stares at me all the time, like when I'm walking into the cafe', he watches me walk over to my seat. or in our history class, I catch him staring at me in this eerie way.Our desks face forward but he'll sit sideways and fold his hands and look like he's observing me! its like dude move on! Why can't he let me go? I've moved on! It frustrates me because I'm trying to be a normal high school student and start dating, but he's holding me back. I can't talk to him because I already made a fool out of myself by giving him that note. why can't he just talk to me .


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  • You sound like a snatch.


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  • Maybe his friend gave you his number as a joke, and he never liked you. Besides, why should a guy who likes you stop you from dating someone else? I've had girls that have had crushes on me who I haven't liked, never really bothered me.

    • I hear your point. But I don't think he liked me as a joke because in 8th grade, he would stare at me all the time. And I would turn to look at him and he'd try to look away really quickly. I think he was just shy. He gave me all the positive signs that he liked me. And yea I shouldn't let him stop me from dating other people.

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