Why is guy pursuing me hard yet then calling his girlfriend when I am nearby?

Question for you all...I have a guy that keeps pursuing me consistently. Every time he sees me he tries to engage in conversation & he shows body language that he is into me. He tries to face me anytime he can or sit by me. He has texted me a photo of himself when he was out of town as a 'joke'. He will joke around with me & always look for my approval. He remembers everything I say - even trivial things (and he usually is not a detail person). He'll move appointments to ensure he makes whatever I ask him to do (or if group event that I am attending). He'll try to ask indirectly if I am attending events with a group of people he knows...without having to ask me direct. The odd thing is whenever I am around, he mentions his girlfriend at least once. He usually speaks positively about her (sometimes he complains she holds him back from doing fun things on trips) and sometimes he talks to her on the phone when he is sitting near me. The strange thing is if he really loves her, why does he try so hard to watch me, talk to me, be with me. If he was just playing games, why is he specifically targeting me? I am confused by this guy. He is really attractive, but I cannot figure him out nor why he'd do this if he is in a committed relationship. It seems like too much effort just to get an ego boost if he has no intention to pursue it? I have no interest to pursue someone in a steady relationship... yet, he is giving vibes both ways. Thanks for shedding some light on a confusing guy!


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  • Maybe he is just having a bit of fun and joking around with you!Or he has a bit of a thing for you,even though he has a girlfriend. It's good that you at least don't want to pursue him when he is taken!He sounds like a tool, and maybe he's doing it all just for his enjoyment,it could also be that he isn't truly happy in his relationship but isn't showing it.Either way I think you shouldn't even bother with him.You could always make a joke with him when he asks if you are going to a group event,by saying something like,"why,just so you can just be around me haha"...And see how he reacts.

  • I don't know why you want to date someone who already has a girlfriend. There is only one person he really loves in this situation: himself.

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