How does a girl get a boy to hang out with her?

I want to get a boyfriend because I miss having hugs from (whomever in this case no one for about a year or two). I do not get out much because I am in college but I am doing so from home. I am controlled by my parents. I accept this. Please, how should I get a boy who I like to hangout with me. I know that he is talking about Gears of War 2, and so should I get into it and then ask him if he wants me to come over and play it with him? He said he would not mind a hug. I just don't know for sure what I should do.

No, I did not ask him if I could come hangout and play video games. I just asked him to come to the fair with me. (MY best friend knows him so were kinda realted and we are friends on myspace) I bet he will say yes why am I asking all yall lol
and he hates the fair. So Ill just have to keep asking him I guess. He is an intelligent smart ass loaner who likes hookay with good friends. Il just ask him.


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  • Since you're on speaking terms, one day steer the conversation to where you like to hang out. When he says where he likes to hang out, take notes.


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  • Haha. You're funny. Go for it.

  • you should have to get into GOW just to hang out with someone or for the matter change, unless you see GOW as a fun game, that's your interest/opinion

    try and go to a movie or somewhere to eat since he doesn't like fairs


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