How do I tell a guy I like him?

I been talking to this guy and he is so different from all the other guys I've talked to. He is super funny, he has this way of speaking that just catches my attention, he has a great voice with an accent that drives me crazy, he can carry a conversation, he's a redneck which is so different for me because I guess I always attract the ''bad boys'' and he's a different kind of bad :) its so hard to explain but he's caught my attention :) Now the only problem is that.. Well he lives in another state and I met him online :( I know I know.. I don't know him then, you can't like him because you never met him.. I know but it still doesn't stop me from having a crush on him..I just want to know if I should tell him I like him and how? Or should I not even say anything? And if I'm stupid for liking a guy whole lives far away?

Hahaha, I doubt anything is going to happen, I feel better being his friend :) but thank you for your advise :)


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  • Lol online dating is always iffy but just tell him don't go to much into details just tell him you like him and changes subjects if he likes you too he will bring it back to that topic

    • :) I told him last night, I couldn't wait I just wanted to in a way get it over with and Oh Boy.. lol

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    • I can feel you blushing from here hahaha at least he knows and now he can decide

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