Do you invite the awkward ex-fling to a huge summer party?

I'm inviting like 100 people on Facebook- we are Facebook friends and don't really talk anymore- I see him on occasion and am polite. I know he won't come, but want to be mature about it since I'm inviting so many people.


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  • you're inviting over 100 random people you met on fb to a huge summer party.. hahah that's friggin awesome. you may as well invite people from girls ask guys too-i mean what's the diffrence...sounds kick ass. no I say don't invite a summer fling-hell **** block you fom hooking up with othe guys there that you could be attracted to...doesnt make a whole lotta sense.

    • no no no hahaha, these are all friends or acquaintances from uni!- so not random people really. This guy and I hooked up for like a month or so and he's moving to the states so we ended it for that and other complicated reasons. We still see each other on campus and talk briefly. I just don't want to seem bitter.

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    • but I also don't want to show him that I care if he comes... hmmm

    • well now you are confusing me. forget your pride. pride is overrated. just invite the dude. you invite the things you don't do not the things you do

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  • No, he'll show up.

    • haha why do you think that?

    • I don't think it's a good idea. It may turn out okay but it can also back fire. He may bring a date or hook up with some at YOUR party. That will difinitly ruin your evening unless of course you don't care. Then go ahead. I say leave him out and have a blast, remember he's an ex for a reason.

  • invite him as part of the group, not individually