How do I become patient for this girl?

Me and this girl named Julia have been talking for a few weeks now. (texting, phone calls). We had our first hang out last night and I feel it went really well. As most girls have, she has been hurt too many times and doesn't want to get into another relationship if if just gona screw her over. I can tell that she's trusts me, I would never do anything to break that trust. I'm 19, this is the first girl I have felt this crazy about. I simply CANNOT stop thinking about her. It is insanely crazy how much I like this girl. It's not a sexual attraction either. She just makes me feel happy and she's insanely adorable. She wants to "take it slow and see where things go." I want to respect her by showing her that I'm willing to wait til she's ready to date again, however I need help. How do I go about my daily life without her consuming my EVERY thought? she's beyond amazing and ill do whatever it takes to be with her. I just need to find out how to become patient. Any assistance/advice would be really appreciated. Thank you!


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  • when you're not with her, be busy, and don't spend all your time with her


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  • Dude, forget about her. I know it's hard to comprehend but she is not interested in you at all, if she was she wouldn't be saying "take it slow." I'm 30 and have been through this BS of being the good guy friend many times. If she was interested there would be no hesitation whatsoever and she would jump right into a relationship with you. Women are all about how you make them feel in the moment they're in, if you missed the moment you're out of the picture. If you don't believe me you will when you're playing the friend and taking it slow and then watch her start dating some guy she's only known for 48 hours lol. Put a physical move on and see what she does or tell her you want to be more than friends (you want her all or none lol) and if she says only friends say F it and move on or you'll be wasting energy and making yourself depressed for nothing.

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