Time between talking online and meeting in person (online dating)?

How long should I wait between initially contacting a girl and asking her to meet? When I was a teen/early 20's I would talk to all sorts of girls, some for a week or two on end and then ask them out. Now it seems like the women I meet online I'll have maybe half a dozen back and forth emails, conversation/flirting going great and then they disappear. Is it that they want me to ask right away or what?


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  • My personal opinion I'd wait like a year just o be on the safe side in every way. As for these girls who disappear I have no idea and I doubt that its because you haven't asked them to meet up straight away (I could be wrong though but doubt it).

    If you are looking for love over the net, get to know each other for a good year and meet up with her/him. This way not only do you know her/him well but you know that he/she is into you.


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