My ex boyfriend rang me drunk to come over, said it wasn't a booty call?

my boyfriend broke up with me 3 weeks ago, I miss him terribly I still love him. and would like him back. he messaged me heaps in the first week saying we could work on things then a week later I asked what's happening he said he was done.

since then he has called me a couple of times to come over. has helped me with lifts home. and he messaged me once when sober to see how I was on his own awkward [ he has replied sober to my texts to, but I initiated those].

anywho I asked him about him calling me the other night he said,

"it was not a booty call, I called you drunk, you saw how hungover I was. if it was a booty call, I would call you sober"

what does that mean.?


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  • Sorry to see you go. Maybe you found your answers on your own. :( More free points for me though.


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