I can't get a date. What am I doing wrong (sort of long)?

the first girl I ever officially had a date with was a cheerleader (yeah, odd, I know but..hey sometimes guys get lucky with that sort of thing) but I was too young at the time (inexperienced) so she wound up not liking me :(

my first girlfriend lasted a day (I wasn't really interested in her but I wanted to say I had a girlfriend in high school)

my next girlfriend I met online. she was a compulsive liar who lied about everything from her looks to how her parents were "dead" (when in fact they were alive)

the next girl I TRIED to date was a girl I met at my very first college. we liked each other but I messed it up (she smokes anyway, so that was a a turn off and I wasn't hit too hard by it)

the next girl I tried to date was a girl I met at my work (shes a regular, not a coworker as I believe you should NEVER date a coworker). yet, for some reason she started to ignore me, when I didn't do anything wrong (claiming I moved too fast). I don't believe guys and girls can be "just friends"..girls, straight guys are not your gay best friend...stop trying to make us into him.

recently, I've resorted back to online, but I can't seem to get anything to work out. I dk why.

I'm smart, funny, nice and mature (for 22) I know what I want as well. but are girls really this shallow that I can't get a date with a nice good looking girl looking for the same thing I am?


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  • maybe you should just stop looking off and on be your self let then come to u. if you find some one your really interested in talk about the speed of your relationship with your partner. make sure us always on the same page but in a cute and sexy way.

  • i think you just pick the wrong girls


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