Why did he delete me after things were going good?

I'm 27 now and haven't really had my luck with guys... My friends put me on tinder hoping it would help since this was how they met their boyfriends and I've been single for 7 years. I matched with this guy about 3 days ago and we hit it off really well I thought. He told me he wanted a relationship and he hasn't been with a girl for 10 months and that he was shocked I was even single and wanted to meet. He said all the right things to me and was super sweet and was giving me all this attention and I thought it was going to go somewhere. Then tonight I sent him a snap and waited a bit and didn't hear anything then I looked at his profile and I can't even see his snap score and our "friends since" date changed to today. I thought maybe snap glitched but I have a bad feeling he left like all the other guys in the past 🥺 he still has me on tinder though and didn't delete it, so is it maybe a glitch? and if not why would he leave if he seemed so interested 🥺 I just have no luck
Why did he delete me after things were going good?
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