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Basically I have been talking to this new guy for about a month. Nothing too serious but we do talk on the phone regularly and contact each other the same amount. He got out of a year relationship about five months ago. He broke up with his girlfriend because he wanted to be single... and casually dated many girls.. now he says he is ready to be in a relationship/ wants one.. he has not talked to the ex since. would this be considered a rebound relationship if I were to pursue him any further?


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  • No, I don't believe it's a rebound.

    His ex was too much drama for him, if I would guess so. So he wanted to be free from the hardship. Since HE was the one who broke up with her, there's less attachment on his end since he's the one who expected the breakup and called the shot in ending it. The person who gets dumped is the one who has more emotional drama and baggage in wanting the ex back. It usually happens that way.

    Since he hasn't talked to the ex since then, it's a sure bet that he's moved on. Which is GOOD NEWS. So many girls end up dating idiotic guys who still talk to their Exes like they're friends.

    Exes should NOT be friends, because honestly, one person wants the other back. Even if they don't admit it. The feelings lurk.

    • Ya that is what I was thinking. I was just gathering an opinion because he hasn't mentioned his ex until I asked about his past relationships. But I mean there are more positive signs then not. The only thing that would concern me is how much we talk to each other. I love that we talk a lot but I am not sure if it is a comfort zone to him or if he is into me? its confusing to me.. Even though he has already dated multiple girls and that was the reasoning for him breaking up with his ex

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  • i'll repeat what I said to another envolving the same question almost. its not the person that dumps or ends the relationship that has a rebound person . its the one that got dumped that has this issue.

  • How is this going?

    I wouldn't consider it a rebound. But, is a rebound necessarily a bad thing?

    If he told you he's ready for a relationship, he could be saying he's interested in a relationship with you.

  • just do it.


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