I really want to hang out with this amazing girl?

We met around 8 months ago and she said she had a great time with me I texted her about 4 months ago she was giving me the cue she liked me but I was still kind of hesitant to go through with it. Now I really want to hang out with her and I texted her yesterday and we had a small convo and she seemed cool about it. I really want to meet up with her and give her the best effort I can so she likes me. I'm athletic, have a nice car and a job. I wish she can understand that I really like her a lot and want to spend time with her and she can do whatever she wants with me and I'm cool with it. Girls, What would be the best way to get her to meet up with me in an attractive way without being too desperate or stand offish?


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  • You seem like the type of guy any girl would love to hang out with. I'd say go ahead and ask her. If she gave you hints that she likes you, and she told you she had a great time with you, then there's no way she'll turn you down. If you don't want to seem desperate, just take it slow. And watch out for hints that she might show to let you know that she is interested.. things like looking at you right in the eyes while talking to you, & keeping her eyes on you, and the none stop smiling at you..


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  • For one thing, for God's sake stop using the work convo, it would put off any girl.

    Secondly, by hesitating so long yoou've probably kind of offended her. You'll have to explain first of all why you've been so hesitatnt.

    Let her take it from there.