Guys, anyone else here undateable to women?

Just curious. Is anyone else literally everything women claim to not want in men?

- Over the age of 29
- Under six feet tall
- Anon-athletic body that ISN'T in shape or ripped
- Not blonde or brown haired
- Not white, Hispanic, or Korean
- You ARE Black, Chinese, Indian, or Arab
- Not egotistical/possessing extremely high self-esteem
- Earning less than $55K a year (by yourself, not "household income")
- Penis less than seven inches

... And so on?

I'm not asking whether you WANT a woman or not. Some of you may not want one. Just seeing how undateable you are to a woman, regardless of intent. If you're over six feet tall (especially if White), you're automatically disqualified. There are entire countries in Asia with women who will want you. That's not undateable.
Guys, anyone else here undateable to women?
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