Am I dork for not being able to get a date? lol

i haven't gone out on date since.never actually and I'm kinda scared of all the guys that I see as dangerous. I know I should be careful but you never know. plus I'm afraid I'll act stupid once I get a guy to go out with me.


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  • Well being careful is certainly something that should always be done, but you do have to allow yourself to get close to someone if you want a relationship

    There are good guys out there and there is a way to spot them. Look for the quiet types, the ones who are the target of a lot of bullying, I was one of those kids and I can tell you right now that had I ever had a girl show interest in me that's all I would've needed and my life would've been much easier. Trust me, these kinds of guys are very appreciative of the affection and will return it.

    However if you go for a guy who gets picked on a lot be prepared, it can take a while to gain their complete trust and once you have it you have to make sure to keep it, if you loose it you'll NEVER get it back.

  • well its nothing to be scared of.u must be a positive and confident girl so that guys respect you as a girl and not look upon you as a toy.

    and wen eventually you find ur choice don't be shy and just be about common topics, urs or his hobbies in the starting and gradually u'll be comfortable enuf to talk.

    P.S. you are quite good looking so I don't think u'll be having any problems :)


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