My ex-fiance and I just broke up after 3 years together and now she is dating another guy - is it a rebound?

we were together for 3 years we have only been broke up for 1 month. the guy she is dating is one who she trashed every chance she got when we were together her myspace page is full of love comments about the new guy we have a child together


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  • First of all, I am so sorry for what you are going through. Was it you or her that broke off the relationship? If it was her, I doubt this is a rebound thing. She obviously knew him for a while as she trashed him every chance she had when she was with you, and I would almost guess she was saying those things to hide the guilt that she was already seeing him.

    • It was me who ended the relationship and I definitely know she was not seeing this guy at any point during our relationship.The thing that hurts the most is I want her back and all my efforts seem to be for not.

  • sorry to hear ur going thru this.give it some time.i think it prob is a rebound and she prob needs a little time to miss you for a bit. once she realizes what she has in you and with u, she'll be back.

    if it doesn't turn out that way, take it for what it is and move on becuase there's a whole world out there waiting for you.

    good luckk, be patient, be encouraged!

    • Im not sure if I can move on.This woman has been the love of my life since I first saw her and after 8 years we finally got together and know its over.I just want her back in my arms.How does a person walk away from the 1 they were made for?

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