Are these real feelings? Is this just a fling? I am so confused, Please give opinions!

Okay, so me and this girl were talking for a good week before we ended up going to the same party and we both were High, We both went to go lay down in the grass and we cuddled. The party got cancelled because of multiple fights there and since we left, we ended up making out in the car ride we were with each other ALL night, we were holding hands, sleeping on each other (her head, my shoulder, my head, her head) We did NOT have sex, I thought that this would have only been a one-night stand type of thing where we both would've regretted it but, it's the EXACT opposite!

during school after the party (we were a little hung over but not much), she randomly texts me " (: " and that led to a whole other conversation talking about all the fun that we had, how we remembered kissing and how the kiss was just "Magical" as it turns out, that was the last day of school.

later that day, she ends up getting her phone and stuff taken away but somehow, she got her best friends to tell me the way that she felt about me, her friends both said that she REALLY likes me and she doesn't want me to forget about her during summer, I talked to her friend about it and her friend said that she was crying, literally CRYING about the fact that she couldn't talk to me since her phone was taken away.

I don't know how I should take this, She's the most beautiful girl I have ever seen, I've liked her before we really started talking and before we made out

But at the moment, we can't contact each other AT ALL; Facebook. phone, school... etc

What's going on? How should I handle this? are these real feelings? Is this just a fling?

she also wrote in my yearbook "I just met you, but I feel close already. I had fun at senior sign. haha. we should do it again for sure. :) "

is there a deeper meaning to that?


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  • I think she probably definitely likes you! I can't say if it's a fling or not yet... it's too early to say. If you want, just wait to talk to her... are you really going to move onto someone else in the next 2-3 weeks? If you can, try to go on a date date with her? And if she says no or just wants to be friends then just hang out with her and move on lol.

    • Thank you, I'm not going to move on to someone else within that timeframe lol

      She told me that she wants to be with me once she gets ungrounded, she managed to sneak on Facebook to tell me that. She also claimed that she hasn't liked anyone so much so quick before. I'm catching myself thinking that she may be "the one" I just hope so :)

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    • Dating, She may be the one that I will actually fall in love with

    • awww that's sweet haha

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