Am I the only one in that embarrassing situation?

I'm 20 years old, and this is not the usual I'm inexperienced question.

I mean honestly I can say I'm nice, funny, I have many friends, and attractive, I get asked out by lots of guys, like good friends, or whenever I'm out, shopping, at some parties, at the libraries random guys come talk to me, or you know add me on fb, call their friends to get my number ...

but I keep saying no, I can go on a date, flirt with someone, but every time it gets serious I stop answering... so here I am 20 years old never having kissed anyone, I've been kissed though, just can't kiss back, and that's killing me! I don't know I'm prob just shy but how are you supposed to get over it ?


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  • ii was like that till I met someone I actually wanted to kiss. now kissing & getting serious are different things. work on the kissing first or you will ever be able to tell if you want to be serous with someone.