80% of men go for 20% of women, do you think it's true? Do you think this is correct?


You often hear that supposedly 80% of men go for 20% men, do you think it's true?

Or, I'm not quite up to date, is there scientific evidence that suggests anything like that?

Personally, I find it hard to believe and from my experience it's also not true.


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  • > 80% of men go for 20% men, do you think it's true?

    No, 80% of men are not gay?

    • you don't need to be gay, to not get a girlfriend

    • He's talking about your typo in your question.

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  • I think there's definitely scientific evidence that explains this.

    Charles Darwin is behind most of the research.

  • That is not true. It is way more complex than that. You got info from a bogus source, whether you heard it, saw it online, etc. It's nonsense. Every comment below is way off base.

  • If the question is 80% of women go for 20% of men, then yes. And women are so stupid as to judge the remaining 80% of men based on their experiences with the 20% who are aggressive douchebags.

  • No. Flip around men and women and I'll agree.


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  • 20% of the women are the prettiest ones and most guys are jockeying for the attention and affection of them. Have you ever noticed that when you hear a guys talking about girls they're into or think are attractive, they all mention what seems to be like the same 10-15 girls?

  • Yes it's true. Because 80% of women work to be attractive to men (work on their appearance), but only 20% of men work to be attractive to women (work on their confidence & status). The other 20% of women don't try to look good so they sit alone, and 80% of men don't try to be confident or a leader, so they sit alone as well.

    • On top of this, guys that are "bold" or "courageous" enough are more of a minority in men. I hear girls all the time say "I wish guys would approach me" but the reality is that most guys won't. It's not something we're taught and not something that many men know how to really do. So the few men that do (the 20%), they are the ones that are landing most of the women (the 80%).

    • That's very true

    • Its the second part of what you said and not the first. Women don't care if men are confident, they care if men are leaders and have social "status"