I dated this guy three times and every time he splits the bill on our meals?

This really makes me uncomfortable. I have been unemployed for a couple months and have financial distress. He knows about that. But every single time he would split the bill. He works a high paying job but he's not even willing to pay for a $5 burger. Not that he should pay for everything. We can do the "you pay for meals, I pay for movies" that kind of thing but he just wants to split the bill. He admitted that he's a cheapskate and he had a rough childhood living in poverty etc. But now he's rich and I have zero income. I have no problem with occasionally spliting the bills etc but this?

Sounds like a stupid reason to stop seeing him but I'm REALLY UNCOMFORTABLE. I don't think I could bring this up and discuss with him face to face. I don't want to hurt his feelings either. He's just as a lonely person as me without many friends. Actually we met from Tinder. He told me he got very few matches, and his last date ghosted him after their first date. He's a sweet guy tho. I just don't know how to break it to him... I'm pretty shallow I know... What are your thoughts?
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My question should be:
Do you think splitting the bill sets up a mental barrier between two people who are dating, and that could prevent them from making connections? Do you think in my situation where the guy insists on splitting the bill even tho I'm broke and he's rich suggests that this guy doesn't really want to take care of me even though we develop a further relationship?
I dated this guy three times and every time he splits the bill on our meals?
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