How do I become a better kisser?

So my boyfriend and I make out and stuff.. he is a good kisser but I feel like I'm not.. he is my first boyfriend and I know he has had a good amount of girlfriends before.. He says I am not a bad kisser but I think he just says that to make me feel better.


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  • How can you kiss "badly"?

    I don't get the concept of being a bad kisser.

    (This doesn't mean that I never doubted myself during and after a kissing session. I did. But, I'm sort of over it now.)

    I mean, think of it this way: If it feels right, you're doing it right. If it feels good, you're doing it pretty good.

    Or, think of it like this: If your boyfriend came over to your house with a rose in his hands, would you criticize how "good" the rose is? Or, would you just be engulfed by a sweet, tingling feeling that he causes you to experience?

    The rose is the kiss. You figure out the rest.

    • alright thanks I get you... I guess I'm just being overly judge mental over my kissing.. its probably not bad and like you said its not a big deal..thanx

    • Glad to be of service. =)

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  • LOL! practice, practice, practice...

    • lol.. with my bf?

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    • Wouldn't know what to do? It's is easy...just do to him what he just got done doing to is lke falling off a log..anyone can do it...u may not have any confidence in yourself but I have confidence in YOU! shove your tongue in and out of his talking about it and go do it! LOL!

    • haha lol... alright I'm gona do it.. lol my boyfriend is gona appreciate your advice lol..

      wish I could do it right now .. too bad I have to wait

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  • ..Whoa! I agree!

    This is totally my sitiation,

    I know this is stupid, but.. I asked my ex-boyfriend if I was a bad kisser, he said I wasn't. But, I just feel like he's lying, to make me feel "confident"

    When I kiss my boyfriend, I feel like sometimes he's thinking how horrible I am. :P

    But, I've been with him for a long time now.

    But, if you're still concern, again, I know its stupid, but maybe videos?

    • I know right its so emberassing.. I know the first time we made out we were just kissing and all of a sudden he starts using his tounge and I felt so weird I pushed him away and then he started again and I just let him .. now I'm used to it and I like but theirs always a voice in my head telling me I'm a bad kisser..


      well its not a bad idea I guess I can try looking for some kissing videos thanks :p

    • lol, glad I could help. lol. I feel the same way when I'm with him. lol. :P

      But, hey, he loves you, <3 right? (: