Embarrassed by online dating?

For those of you who are online dating?...Are you embarrassed?

I started to give it a try but I'm so embarrassed.

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  • Best trick for that is to simply remind yourself that anyone you meet is also into online dating - whether they tell you they are just trying it out or not is irrelevant, they've done it, so it puts you in the same league as them.

    When I met my girlfriend, I was embarassed to tell people she existed for the first year - because she was, technically, an online girlfriend. I would of had people saying nasty things like 'So, Jawless, when are you going to get an ACTUAL REAL girlfriend?' and stuff like that. It would of been horrible to endure.

    Not to mention the fact I met her on an online game, not a dating website, which is generally one tier below dating websites generally because it comes with that 'no social life' and 'fat nerd' insults as well. It's not nice.

    Still, if you are worried about telling people about the guy or girl you've met online, you could always hint that it's an online relationship, and tell others that you actually met this friend of one of your friends, and you are hitting it off really well, through messenger, or something. That's generally harmless.

    Don't be embarassed though. As that little saying goes 'you are beautiful no matter what you do' or something of that sort, looking for love online or entering a relationship online doesn't detract from your being or make you pathetic in anyway. So don't worry. :)

    But yes, like I said, when I began to date someone online, I was embarassed by it, as well. It'll pass with time - it's guaranteed to pass if the person you meet turns out to be your true love as well, because nothing will stand in the way of your love and pride for them. :)

    Voted A because I was. :)


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What Guys Said 2

  • Why be embarassed. It's a legitimate outlet for relationship hopefuls. I tried it myself a couple of years ago. Though I was highly skeptical at the outset, before long I was convinced it was the best thing since Dollar Sushi Day. By simply posting a profile and sitting back in my chair, I was soon being contacted by dozens of women, most of whom fit the description of the type of woman I was looking for. I then entered into a correspondence period with those I was most attracted to, and whittled it all down to several women in particular. I then dated each of these, til I found one with whom the electricity existed. I can't recommend it enough. By the way, the site I used was Plenty Of Fish.

  • Why should you be? It's not like someone who sees you on there is gonna give you s#it about it... they're on there too.


What Girls Said 2

  • Yeah, I'm embarrassed to have done it before- not that its a bad thing. It just makes other people look at me in a weird light

  • no.