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Guy cancels plans?

This guy I've been texting for few months lives an hr away. I finally got some free days and asked him if he wants to meet cause I would pass with a friend from his city for vacations. He said yes and we arranged it for Saturday (Easter day). I live in foreign country and he's local so it felt weird he said he would be available cause usually people gather with their family on that day but he confirmed and sent me pictures saying he couldn't wait. Two days before I texted him to ask if he could meet me at this time and he wrote to me the morning after a huge text to apologize because he forgot it's Easter and he has to be with his family since his mother called him and asked him to join, and that he will make it up to me if there's a chance and hopes I wasn't mad at him. I replied that I understand cause I mean it makes sense to be with your family on that day and not with a date. Do I give him the element of the doubt and reschedule? I told him we can work on stg but he has to visit me if he wants to because I'm not taking the bus all the way to be stood up (I didn't say this but the impression I left is this and I believe it's fair since I made the effort the first time and was willing to go and visit him). I wished him happy holidays and to have a good time with his family. I'm waiting to see the reaction on his side but don't get my hopes too high cause I've been dating a lot of flaky people. At least he had the decency to let me know in advance and apologize, stg most guys didn't do until last minute. Any thoughts?
Guy cancels plans?
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