How long to wait for a reply?

Guys and messaging - how long is reasonable to wait for a response ... and when is it clear he's not going to get back to you ... and is it common for guys to sulk and stop talking to you if he didn't get laid .. (by you (me) lol ) ?


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  • if he's sulking about not getting laid, don't you think that's all he wanted from u?

    real men like you for you, not for what you COULD give him

    • You are awesome for this^^^

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    • Haha, glad I could make your day! It was a great answer!

      It is so true though... Real men can see past sex... Seems like all 'men' these days have high expectations for a girl to put out by a certain time/day but then don't really care about the relationship aspect. And it should be the opposite.

    • however, I can say that some guys are actually "good" guys and will at least contact you after sex. whether its bad or good or not, is up to you both but, I know some guys who at least contact u, which is a good thing of course

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  • message as in texting? -- he should reply within the hour

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