Should I stop hanging out with her?

So I've known this girl (girl x) for about 2 years now. We're good friends, at least we were... About 3 months ago, I started to like her. We went to the same school, so she would come over almost 3 days each week to hang out. After a while I couldn't resist telling her that I liked her more than just friends. So things went on and on and I thought she really liked me too, but I was not sure. Then, all of a sudden she told me that she wasn't sure if she wanted to be more than friends. It was a cold slap in the face, because she acted like she was really in to me! We even stayed up until 2am just to talk or hang out. I'm not an expert on body language but I'm pretty sure that that wasn't just 'friendly behavior'. So things went on and on, and after a while I realized that I things weren't going to work out at that moment. Yet, we share the same friends, so I see her almost every day and on every party. Seeing her that much really started to hurt, because I really wanted things to work out between us. After that, I decided to take some distance. I didn't call, didn't text or chat with her for at least 5 weeks. She started to text me asking what was up, and I'd tell her that I was just busy with school or something. I just know that things could work out if she just gave it a shot. But, I kept my distance until the time was right. I started to date other girls (girl y) (which weren't nearly as attractive but hey). Somebody told her that I was dating other girls, and she got really jealous. I just don't know if she was jealous because I gave some other girl more attention, or because she wanted to be the girl I was dating. Then last weekend, we went out to some club. Both girls were there. My plan was to make 'girl x' really jealous by having a great time with girl y. After a while girl y tried to kiss me, but I just couldn't because of my love for girl x. Then, I went upstairs only to see girl x with some other guy, they weren't kissing or something, but you could clearly see that HE was into HER. He was giving her kisses on her cheek, but she didn't seem to like it. That same moment something snapped in my head, and I wend home alone crying. Why would she do that, she KNEW that I like her very much. I don't want to be arrogant, but I'm a really nice guy and my looks are OK. On this moment I'm not even sure if I want me and girl x to still be friends. Being around her kills me, because I know that somewhere, things could work out. She is a very shy girl, and she has never kissed a guy before. Maybe that's what's holding her back. I really don't know what to do anymore, but I really can't keep hanging out with her. I tried everything and nothing seems to work. I really felt a connection but maybe I'm just giving myself false hope. What should I do next? Should I stop hanging out with her? Should I stop being friends? Should I talk to her? I know the effort will be worth the 'price'. Please help me!



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  • Not sure if this is her deal but... younger girls will sometimes lead on guys they don't want to date so there will be someone to boost their ego when they need it. They like that feeling of being wanted. Is it fair to guys? No of cousre not. They may like the guy as a friend but that's all. Sometimes it's about them learning about flirting and guys.

    If you really want to know just ask her. If it hurts being around her, a friendship may not be in your best interest.


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