I almost made out on the first date, is this bad?

we were just really into each other, we kept on kissing & kissing but DIDN'T end up making out.. does this make me seem like I'm easy :/ what should I do?

aww thanks everyone<3 :)


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  • I seriously doubt he would think your easy, unless (like the girls have already said ) he's a douchebag.

    If you were that into each other, some kissing should be natural and expected. The fact you kissed a few times and DIDN'T make out, should show him that:

    You thoroughly enjoyed the date.

    You are interested in seeing him again.

    You are not after a quick fling.

    And most importantly, You RESPECT yourself and him by not wanting to rush things..

    So don't worry about it, if he is interested and respects you it won't matter one bit. If you unsure, wait till your next date (which I'm sure you'll get,) and mention it, tactfully. I'm not saying have the whole where is this heading conversation, it's way too early for that! Just mention that you don't want to rush, want to take it slow and get to know him or something. I assume there will be more kissing at some point during your next date, maybe mention it after the first few?

    I'm sure some guys and girls might disagree with me about mentioning it, but it is always nice to know where you stand when dating and not having to guess or misinterpret the other persons intentions.

    That's my opinion anyway, just be yourself.


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  • Oh no! God forbid you should act interested on a date!

    You're awarded a FAIL for meeting someone you're that into and holding back.

    Stop giving a f*** what people think. You're not in high school anymore. The same people aren't following you around like before. If you're in college it's a new bunch of strangers every semester. So whore it up. No one will remember. Not to mention... you're just not that important or interesting to the rest of us. The world doesn't revolve around you. So again... whore it up. No one will notice.


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  • nope. you were just expressing how you felt. if he's a douchebag, he'll think you're easy. if he's a normal guy, he'll be glad that you feel just as strongly about him.

  • lol it's totally fine. relax

  • If a guy is really going to judge a girl as "easy" for kissing on a first date (especially since he was kissing you back!), then he's an insecure douchebag with hypocritical control issues. The type that wants to get his hands on a 14 year old girl just so he can make sure she's never touched another man before because he's so scared of being compared. His ego can't handle it.

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