What did you do on your first date?

Well, I'm going to ask my girl out soon, but as I have zero experience in the dating area (I'm 17 and rahter shy) I will appreciate input of any kind. So, what did you do on your first date (your very first, the one with the person you liked best, whatever)? Please share!


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  • I'll list all my first dates for you:

    - Movie and ice cream

    - Sit and talk

    - Movie

    - Movie at my house

    - Arcade, dinner, and homecoming dance

    - Watch youtube and play Wii with group of friends (this was actually my favorite, but he was only able to pull it off because we had been friends long before we started dating)

    - Comedy show

    As you can see, I've done the movie date a lot, but I actually don't see movies as a very good first date idea. It was good at the time because I was like 14 and just entering the dating scene, but in reality you probably want a date where you are actively doing something together (take the arcade date for instance). Sitting and staring at a screen together isn't really a great way to get to know each other.


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  • 18 and it was a study date. lame I know. but we studied, went out to eat, bonded a bit

  • Just talk lol.

    • lol, OK ;P But where?

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