Why do I keep dating men I don’t feel a spark with?

The one thing I feel like I haven’t received from most of the men I have dated was a feeling of safety. I don’t feel safe talking to most men because I usually feel like it’s bothering them to talk about the things that I ACTUALLY want to talk about. Most men I meet bottle themselves up and act like they’re always happy or always calm-their emotional range is usually unwavering. I, in turn, act the same way. I act like I’m just doing fine, always happy and never in need of anything. I also don’t feel like many guys I have dated don’t genuinely care about me. Not to say they are bad guys and also I have never been insulted by any men and have heard that I seem likeable most of the time. But I don’t get the feelings I need to feel in order to actually like someone. I feel dead trying to date so I just gave up for a long time. I don’t want to do that but it’s just so boring. They don’t take initiative or do anything different, when I try to get to know these particular guys they acted like the same person with the same thought process and behavior. I know they probably don’t all act just alike-but it seems I attract men who try to fit in and act normal al the time. I want to date a guy who isn’t just like everybody else. I’m not saying he has to be exotic or unusual. I just want him to be unique and have something about him that’s different than what I tend to experience. Also things always burn out before it even gets interesting.
Why do I keep dating men I don’t feel a spark with?
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