Is he not going to call me?

Last Friday, I met a guy and we went on a double date with friends last Sunday. He was really flirtacious and seemed to have fun. He texted me the next day saying I looked beautiful and he had a great time and hoped we would hang out again soon. I kind of left things in his hands to make the next move, but he hasn't called yet. Should I wait or is he not going to call me?


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  • He could be:

    1)Interested, but scared.

    2)Playing games to make you want him more.

    3)Lost interest in you.

    If you really like the guy, why don't you contact him? If #1 is the case, he'll be relieved and his tensions might be relieved enough for him to start becoming more assertive with you. If it's #2, you'll find out in a few weeks or even days that he's playing games. Why? Because with you contacting him, that just rewards his game-playing behavior and he'll do crap like this again and again. In that case, you can forget him. If it's #3, you will tell right away because he'll keep trying to do things to hide from you or he'll simply tell you.

    Of course, he could just be busy and he doesn't have the mental energy to talk right now. But if he goes for too long without being in contact with you, he will lose interest over time. To stop that, just call him.

    Bottom line, call him yourself.


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  • You haven't called him?

    You should make some effort to show you want a nother date

  • Why don't you just call him? Attraction is a two-way street, sister.


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